Sinfonia Philharmonic: A note from your conductors



What do the following musicians have in common?

Local musical heroes…

Violinist Alexander Ayers:

Violist Nathan Hackett:

Cellist Kevin Bate:

Bassist Andrew Raciti:

A few musicians who are paving a new course…

Violinist Julian Rhee:

Cellist Malik Johnson:

Todayโ€™s Heros…

โ€œMYSO is you.โ€

I hope you can find your step on the ladder through the MYSO program. Many have climbed to the top and beyond and there is plenty of room for one more–you!


The following are unique inspirations. As with any detour, a change in course leads to new discoveries. TwoSet Violin and Hilary Hahn offer something for everyone to relate to and learn from.

TwoSet Violin:

They are best known for their musical comedy and antics on their YouTube channel. Can you laugh and learn at the same time? You decide!

Hilary Hahn:

Hahn matches expressive musicality and technical expertise with a diverse repertoire guided by artistic curiosity.

We’ll leave you with two more links to get you started. The rest is up to you!

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