Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

A full symphony orchestra comprised primarily of advanced high school musicians.

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High-Level Classical Performances

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra program that both teaches and challenges student musicians to perform works composed in the late Classical through Romantic and Modern eras.

Building on successes in other MYSO ensembles, Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra musicians refine the skills required for participation in the Senior Symphony and Chamber Orchestra.

At a Glance

  • Rehearsals generally on Monday evenings
  • Comprised primarily of advanced high school musicians
  • Music Director: Mr. Carter Simmons

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events found for this program; check back soon!


Interested in Auditioning?

Each student is required to audition to become a member of MYSO. Being a MYSO member is a rewarding experience that drives a student’s musical, learning, and social skills.

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