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Hayley Jasinski: Flags, Concerts, and Buffets, Oh My

Posted on July 12, 2017 by MYSO

Day 3 After a full night’s rest for the American Airlines group, we agreed to let the United group sleep in; this meant that we left for Rosario an hour later. Soon after breakfast, we piled in the buses and before anyone could start a headcount, people were leaving the bus with an excuse of “I forgot my (dress shoes, passport, music, etc)!” We ended up leaving Buenos Aires at 10:15 and most of us promptly closed our eyes to catch up on some well-deserved sleep. The journey was four hours long but felt like much less - there wasn’t…


Anna McDougall: Houston, We Have a Problem

By the time the American Airlines group touched down in Buenos Aires, the United Airlines group was still stuck in Houston. It started innocently enough-- a mild thunderstorm, a forty-five minute delay. But delays started piling up, and eventually someone with keen skills of observation mentioned that it was midnight, so we were technically on day two of our trip. Before this point, people were only somewhat annoyed, as it's difficult to stay in one place for a long time when you're traveling to someplace exciting. But by midnight, the Houston group was genuinely concerned. We finally boarded the flight…

July 11, 2017

Livia Romanov: A Series of Relatively Fortunate Events

As the groups in Houston patiently wait approximately 12 hours for their delayed plane to take off, the American Airlines group (which includes me) has already landed. Excitement was in the air as we walked from our uncomfortable seats to exponentially more uncomfortable lines. Going through customs and yet another security check was a thrill ride full of waiting... brisk walk... waiting... bathroom break... waiting... We eventually walked out of the terminal and tasted the sweet fresh Argentinian air. We made it! After sitting in "plush" airplane seats for 8 hours, we transferred to our coach bus, comparatively so much…

July 11, 2017

A few photos from Sunday’s departure from MYAC

July 11, 2017


Queila Griffin: La Salida – Departure

I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning and I woke up two times before that because I was worried I would sleep through it. (Needless to say I didn't.) We drove down to MYAC and gathered together in Youth Arts Hall as we arranged ourselves by the buses we were taking to O'Hare. For all the buildup and months preparing for this trip, reality hadn't set until then. Everyone was packed and we were literally on our way to South America! The bus ride to Chicago was pretty uneventful, but things started to pick up once we got to…

July 10, 2017


Hayley Jasinski: From Textbook to Unexpected, We Have All Boarded and are Cleared for Takeoff

Day 1 Today was the day we wanted to get out of the way as soon as we could: it was flying day. This may seem glamorous, as movies paint a picture of rich celebrities sitting in cushy leather seats, drinking champagne, and walking off the plane looking like they were ready to film a shampoo commercial. As I’m writing this, I’m envisioning myself looking fabulous while listening to Ella Fitzgerald and drinking a cup of warm tea. But, as any seasoned traveler would know, flying on commercial airlines that carry passengers from different walks of life is decidedly unglamorous.…

July 10, 2017

Meet Our Tour Bloggers!

We are delighted to feature the writing talents of these four musicians in our 2017 Tour Blog: Violinist Queila Griffin, of Racine, will be a senior at Case High School and just finished her first year in MYSO. Violinist Hayley Jasinski, of Sussex, has been in MYSO for six years, and will be a senior at Hamilton High School. Violinist Anna McDougall, of Fox Point, will be a senior at Nicolet High School. She has been a MYSO member for seven years with two of those in the Senior Symphony. Violist Livia Romanov, of West Allis, will be a sophomore…

July 06, 2017

Welcome to our 2017 Tour Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the blog for MYSO's 2017 tour of Argentina and Uruguay. You will be reading the perspectives of four of our touring musicians as they connect with different cultures and broaden their perspectives. We consider this tour MYSO's investment towards a better world as our musicians become ambassadors by forging understanding through music. Check back to view daily postings from July 9-19!

July 05, 2017


Milwaukee (January 4, 2017) — Milwaukee’s Festival City Symphony Orchestra has announced that Carter Simmons has been hired to replace retiring Monte Perkins as Music Director and Conductor for the organization’s Symphony Sunday concerts at the Pabst Theater. Simmons will remain the Artistic Director and one of the Music Directors of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO), where he has served the community for nearly 25 years. He will take over his new position with the Festival City Symphony Orchestra following its season finale Sunday concert on May 7, 2017. Monte Perkins will retire from the Music Director position on…

January 04, 2017


WISN-12 TV: Arts Avenue

Arts Avenue -- Sept. 2016

September 24, 2016