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MYSO on BBC Radio Ulster

Posted on August 15, 2019 by Michelle Hoffman

Listen to the BBC Radio Ulster interview of Linda Edelstein (Executive Director), Carter Simmons (Artistic Director), Margery Deutsch (Music Director), and musician Livia Romanov. They were interviewed by John Toal at the Ulster Hall in Belfast during rehearsal on July 16, prior to their evening performance. Click here to listen. Just fast forward to the 26:06 mark to begin listening to the 6-minute interview. You'll hear the spirit of the tour come through loud and clear with our MYSO speakers. Enjoy!

Livia Romanov: With This I Bid You Farewell 

Another tour, another family, another goodbye. It has been several days since we arrived back to home base at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, but we are still feeling the aftershock of the trip in our hearts, minds, and sleep patterns. When I was 15, I had the opportunity to write to you about the adventures of Argentina and Uruguay, but I was just a kid back then. I didn't fully understand the impact that international trip had on me. But as I sit here, writing to you as a (partially) functioning adult, I can truly express what I experienced.…

July 28, 2019

Alyssa Noseworthy: Love, Loyalty, Friendship

It was with some remorse that we returned to Wisconsin. Though eager to see our families and enjoy the last month of summer vacation, we had had such a remarkable experience in the last ten days. Through Belfast, Limerick, Galway, Wexford, and Dublin, we had embraced another culture and shared our own. To close that chapter in our lives was difficult. If there is one thing that my time in Ireland has taught me about, however, it’s about the importance of the values and morals which we imbue our cultures with. During our tour of Galway, I learned about the…

July 25, 2019

Kyra Levandoski: Final Thoughts

It’s nearly impossible to completely sum this entire trip up in one short article, but there are a few moments that stand out to me. One such example is the last concert on Monday, July 22. Playing for Dublin in the National Concert Hall was a simply amazing opportunity. When we finished the last piece, Rainbow Body, I looked at the rest of the orchestra. We were all full of emotion, some crying, some smiling, but all exhilarated. The energy in the room as the last note faded out was almost overwhelming. After the concert, we had a wonderful experience…

July 24, 2019

Livia Romanov: The Parting Glass

As we woke up Monday morning, we prepared ourselves for our last full day in Ireland. We went down to breakfast and talked with friends; we boarded the bus and talked some more. We were ready for our final adventures. Upon visiting the Glendalough Monastic Ruins, we were greeted by a countless number of sheep. As far as the eye could see, sheep. As far as the ear could hear, sheep. We were then let loose in the ruins, exploring the stone foundations and graves. As I walked around the main circular watchtower that was used to defend the monastery…

July 23, 2019

Alyssa Noseworthy: Pictures at an Exhibition–A Day of Museums

In our last days of the tour, we still found ourselves caught in a whirlwind of events. Our morning would begin today with a visit to the Gaelic Athletic Association Museum, then segue into a departure for the Chester Beatty Library. After that, we would subsequently leave for EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum. This hectic schedule’s setting was none other than the vibrant city center of Dublin, and the weather was characteristically drizzly as we headed out. The Gaelic Athletic Association features a colossal stadium which can hold around 80,000 people. The victors of the matches played classically ascend the…

July 21, 2019

Kyra Levandoski: Dublin’s Past

Our first stop Saturday was a guided sightseeing tour of Dublin. We got to see many amazing sights throughout the city including multiple gigantic cathedrals. I love architecture and looking at old buildings, so going around the ancient city and observing buildings from eras past was one of the highlights of the trip for me so far. The tour guide, Raini, was amazing. She was very casual and joked around with us, all the while explaining what we were seeing in a way that we could understand and relate to. She was our best tour guide so far. We also…

July 21, 2019

Alyssa Noseworthy: The Rocky Road to Dublin

Friday was another trek through Ireland’s cities: we would begin in Limerick, play a concert in Wexford, and finally arrive in Dublin at approximately midnight. Yet, with such a busy day before us, we still managed to enjoy sightseeing in this beautiful country. In particular, we went to the renowned Rock of Cashel, an ancient structure which served the dual role of religious significance and administrative purposes during its usage. In our guided tour through the Rock, we were presented with stunning architecture: staggering arches and pinnacles of magnificent towers, all sculpted from limestone and weathered through the ages. The…

July 20, 2019

Livia Romanov: Antique Lands

It was unanimously agreed that our current hotel in Limerick had a better breakfast than the Titanic. A staggered breakfast time between buses allowed for a more relaxing time preparing for the busy day ahead. We enjoyed a wonderful guided tour of the town of Galway. Everywhere you looked there were flags, stone foundations, and (most importantly) dogs! Our tour guide told us phenomenal stories of monkeys saving babies and men executing their sons. The history was so rich you could feel it in the cobblestone. Besides spending the bus rides perfecting my Irish accent with my best friends, I…

July 19, 2019

Alyssa Noseworthy: From the Titanic to Medieval Castles: A Walk in the Past

On the fourth day (July 17), we were destined to make the formidable passage from our stay in Northern Ireland to the Republic, changing hotels, currency, and expectations. Regardless, before we embarked, we were given the opportunity to partake in the Titanic Museum in Belfast. Built around the former site of the Titanic’s construction, it chronicles the remarkable process which brought it to its maiden voyage and eventual tragedy. My first impression was gaping, open-mouthed awe. The museum is a looming monument of sheer white panels, echoing back to both the ship itself, and the iceberg which determined its fate.…

July 18, 2019

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