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2019 Concerto Competition Results Announced

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Michelle Hoffman


MYSO is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Concerto Competitions which took place Saturday, January 12, 2019. The winners of these competitions will perform as featured soloists with their ensembles at select concerts later this season. Please join us in congratulating the following musicians: Senior Symphony Winner: Carrie Wang, violin Runner-Up: Holly Venkitaswaran, flute Honorable Mention: Travis Cooke, trombone; Abigail Hanna, cello; Clara Montes, violin; Alex Mortensen, oboe; Lauren Simmons, cello; Grace Woo, violin Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Winner: Zak Chen, violin Runner-Up: Julianna Vogl, violin Honorable Mention: Ingrid Buschkopf, violin; Benjamin Doerr, violin; Cynthia Yan, flute Philharmonia Winner: Leonardo Viglietti, flute Runner-Up: Clark…

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2018 Concerto Competition Results Announced

MYSO is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Concerto Competitions which took place Saturday, January 13, 2018. The winners of these competitions will perform as featured soloists with their ensembles at select concerts later this season. Please join us in congratulating the following musicians: Senior Symphony Winner: Mara Bajic, violin Runner-Up: Arianna Brusubardis, violin Honorable Mention: Travis Cooke, trombone; Mystique Evans, cello; Cassidy Franzmeier, violin; Clara Montes, violin; Joel Osinga, cello Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Winner: Amy Koo, violin Runner-Up: Madelyn Kudronowicz, xylophone Honorable Mention: Andy Liu, cello; Mara Rodewald, trombone; Cecelia Santiago, viola; Isabella Vesely, violin; Emily Whitney,…

January 15, 2018

SHEPHERD EXPRESS: MYSO Reaches Thousands of Kids Through Music

From the Shepherd Express: What arts program serves 1,000 elementary through high school students from 215 schools, 60 communities and 14 counties in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois? It’s Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, shortened to MYSO by all familiar with it. Among at least 140 youth orchestra organizations in the U.S., MYSO has the biggest budget, at approximately $3,000,000 for the 2017-18 season. The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra claims to reach more young musicians, but a large percentage of its student numbers reflect instruction SYSO provides in the public schools. By the definition of after-school outreach, MYSO is the largest…

August 15, 2017

Livia Romanov: With This I Bid You Farewell

Let me write you, the reader, something memorable. Let me tell you about the times when my life had changed drastically. Let me preach to you the highlights of the MYSO 2017 tour. Physically getting to Argentina was a jungle full of layovers and delays, but we got there in one piece and then went on to play a concert four hours away. The majority of the first week was the United group complaining and the American Airlines group rejoicing. The adventures of the United group would carry on (unlike the instruments on the trip back) as the star inside joke…

July 20, 2017

Hayley Jasinski: The Fulfillment of a Goal, Not the End of a Dream

Day 10 I suppose not much has changed airline-wise between today and last Sunday — international flights are still impossible to sleep on, customs are still a beast to get through, and travelers just want to get home. However, there were many key differences in the travelers of our group. Many of us had just been minted “international travelers,” and although this is just a title, if you ask students what these words mean to them, they won’t simply say they are just a title. Many of us will say it means we were able to go places that we…

July 20, 2017

Queila Griffin: Mucho gusto y hasta luego! – Nice to meet you and see you later!

On our final day of traveling and ultimately coming home, the magnitude of all we had done and accomplished hit us. (Also, extreme fatigue and a little culture shock were hitting us as well). By the end of this amazing trip as a group we were unfazed by bathroom doors that don't close all the way, long lines, spotty WiFi, and everything running a little bit late all the time. We tested the limits of our patience and endurance, both emotionally and musically. We also got to do incredible things and learn as musicians and people about South American culture.…

July 20, 2017

Anna McDougall: In which MYSO attempts to have one uneventful travel experience . . . and fails

Waking up was hard this morning, after a great but long night of heartfelt speeches, hilarious songs, European standing ovations, and most of all, dancing. Waking up was even harder because today was the day that we headed home. Our time together as an orchestra was coming to a close. We boarded the ferry (more lines), this time armed with Dramamine. Over half the orchestra spent their time on the ferry knocked out by Dramamine . . .  or just exhaustion. The view was beautiful in the daylight, and the water was calm. We had another buffet lunch; they truly…

July 19, 2017


Livia Romanov: Memories Bound by Music and Passion

Today was a day of countless lasts; last breakfast together, last step in Uruguay, last fiasco on the swaying ferry, last lunch together, last breath of Argentinian air, but all of these lasts will be cherished forever. The morning was filled with last minute packing for those that partied a little bit too hard the night before in order to leave on time for the ferry. Each of the three buses left separately so we wouldn't crowd the port, but we crowded it anyways, of course. The ferry ride was exponentially smoother this time, minimal panicked trips to the bathroom.…

July 19, 2017

Hayley Jasinski: A List of Lasts

Day 8 This day didn’t start off very emotional for many of us, but it most certainly ended that way. We kicked off the day bright and early with a dress rehearsal in the Teatro Solis. Considering we were down a couple members and extremely low on both sleep and morale, it went pretty well. Lunch followed soon afterwards and then we were given an hour of downtime. Since this concert was a Monday matinee, we were told that the audience would be mostly composed of schoolchildren, and that we even had to turn away schools that wanted to come.…

July 18, 2017


Queila Griffin: Raison d’être – Reason for being

I am aware that the title is French and it ruins my pattern, but truly is the perfect title for an unusual post. There are specific moments that I can pinpoint and say that's why I am a musician. One of these, was back in about the 5th grade for me. I went through a phase whenI hated practicing and didn't really like the violin all that much. Around that same time, my grandma took my brother and me to a production of Peter and the Wolf by MYSO, First Stage, and the ballet. I clearly remember watching the orchestra…

July 18, 2017