Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Community Concert Series!


We are delighted to share MYSO’s fall 2020 performances as part of the 2021 Virtual Community Concert Series. We hope you enjoy this incredible concert featuring our dedicated musicians.

To share this experience with your students

Simply play the concert video below (under “WATCH CALYPSO STEEL BAND VIRTUAL COMMUNITY CONCERT”). Your students will see and hear not only top-notch performances, but receive fascinating information on the music, composers, instruments, genres, and more.

If you have any questions, please contact Sabrina Raber, Community Liaison, at sabrinaraber@myso.org or 414-267-2949.

Enjoy the show!

Want to get your students involved?

If you have students who are interested in being a part of MYSO, please click the “AUDITION INFORMATION” button to get more information about our auditions for 2021-22. Or refer a student who would enjoy the MYSO experience! For a printable flyer, click here.

Watch Calypso Steel Band virtual community concert

Enjoy this community concert by our Calypso Steel Band! For more information about this ensemble and its director, Tim Rush, click here. Program information and video timestamps are listed below.

BUSTER POINDEXTER/arr. Tim Rush, Hot, Hot, Hot: 5:26-10:29

CLIFF ALEXIS, Power: 10:30-14:28

RAY OBIEDO, La Samba: 14:29-19:47

RAY HOLMAN, Bazodee: 19:48-24:30

ALAN MENKEN/arr. Tim Rush, Under the Sea: 24:31-28:04

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