Apply: Davidson Chamber Ensemble Program

We invite you to apply for the Davidson Chamber Ensemble Program, which provides you the opportunity to play in small ensembles coached by professional musicians.
Program structure:
  • Musicians accepted into this program will be placed into groups (usually of 3-5) based on instrumentation, age, musical expertise, and experience. If you wish to organize a specific group of fellow MYSO musicians, please indicate that on the application. We may not be able to honor all requests.
  • Rehearsals can be set up at times/locations convenient for members and coaches (though there is limited space at MYAC for rehearsals).
  • We request a parent from each group to coordinate rehearsals and coaching sessions. If you are willing to do that, please indicate so on the application.
  • The Davidson Chamber Ensemble Program will culminate with each ensemble playing in one of four recitals in the spring at Milwaukee Youth Arts Center.
Through the generosity of the late Arthur and Francesca "Peter" Davidson, this wonderful program is made affordable to members at a cost of $130 per participant.
This program requires that the participants and families have a very high level of commitment to the project and a flexible mindset with regard to scheduling and rehearsal locations. This program is musician- and parent-driven, with groups making all their own arrangements, communicating with the coach, and setting up their own rehearsals.
If you would like to be considered for the Davidson Chamber Ensemble Program, please submit the application below. Ensembles will be formed before the end of the calendar year.

Davidson Chamber Ensemble Program Application

Parent Coordinators assist with scheduling group rehearsals with the MYSO office and assigned coach and make sure all group members receive important information about rehearsals, hearings, and performance(s).
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