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Guillermo Baena

Development Director

Guillermo Baena is MYSO’s Development Director. Legally blind since birth, Guillermo holds a degree in economics and a certification as a life coach, and keynote and motivational speaker. Growing up with minimal vision, he has found himself forced to continuously adapt to the ever-changing environments and circumstances to fully achieve goals that would otherwise be thought of as nearly impossible for a visually impaired person.

Guillermo has lived his life with a thirst for learning, music, and adventures. He is continually searching for new challenges to overcome. He lives a lifestyle that has led him to engage in rock-climbing, martial arts, and cycling activities and has even acquired his scuba diving license and completed a certification to become a professional skydiver, having jumped solo at 10,000 feet.

Repeatedly re-defining what it means to be handicapped, he loves sharing his experiences to empower others and make them realize the only thing that could stop you, no matter your situation, is when you don’t believe in yourself.

With a unique blend of professional experience mainly focused on business consulting and strategic planning, and with a passion for helping others, he made a transition into the nonprofit world. Guillermo was previously Fund Development Professional at Beyond Vision in Milwaukee.



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