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Enrichment programs

Davidson Chamber Ensembles Program

Music theory classes

Erika Z. Richman MSO/MYSO Reading Workshop

Master class series

Concerto Competitions 

MYSO offers concerto competitions for six of the MYSO groups—Senior Symphony, Philharmonia, Sinfonia, String Orchestra, Chamber Flute Ensemble and Flute Chorale. These competitions afford young musicians opportunities to prepare and perform a movement of a concerto with an accompanist, in competition with their peers. Concerto competition winners receive the opportunity to be the featured soloist with his or her MYSO group in the spring.

Recording Sessions

MYSO offers its members the opportunity for an individual professional recording session. This is a great chance to record for college applications, competitions, gifts or just for posterity. There is a nominal cost involved. Participating musicians receive an unedited CD recording the same day. Further details will be sent via email and announced in rehearsals.


Occasionally, advanced MYSO ensembles will embark on international and/or domestic performance tours. Touring offers extraordinary opportunities for social and emotional growth, as well as sheer fun and excitement. With MYSO, overlaying all of this, of course, is the expectation of an outstanding musical experience, with the tour giving the orchestra and the young musicians a focus for their energies all season. Over the years, MYSO has found that touring often helps an ensemble—and the individual players—to bond socially; often they are catapulted to an entirely new level of musical performance, both before and during the tour. MYSO groups’ wonderful performances--most recently in Vienna and Prague, British Columbia, Chicago’s Orchestra Hall, and China are all evidence of that phenomenon. For all of these reasons, touring is an exceptionally valuable—sometimes life-changing—aspect of a youth orchestra experience.

“Side-by-Side” Rehearsals

MYSO provides opportunities to be role models and teachers in “side-by-side” rehearsals with younger players, pairing Philharmonia and Senior Symphony musicians with those from String Orchestra, and Prelude Orchestra and String Orchestra musicians with MYSO Progressions students, MYSO’s youngest string players.

Honor Recital

MYSO presents an annual recital featuring the runner up and finalists of the Senior Symphony Concerto Competition and, by invitation, advanced ensembles that are part of the Davidson Chamber Ensembles Program and advanced-level jazz combo(s), arguably, the most accomplished of MYSO’s young musicians. See full MYSO schedule on for date, location and ticket information.

Conversation Series

Each season, MYSO presents several free 90-minute sessions especially for parents of MYSO students, led by Director of Theory Instruction and Composition Jim Burmeister, covering a variety of composers and interesting music related topics. This is a great chance for parents to get a leg up on what our young musicians are learning at MYSO in a casual, fun environment, with a highly educated (and very approachable) guide!

Merit-Based Scholarships



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